Cleaning Up The Earth

One very strong fact that we have to face up to is that the world is polluted and dirty. We have trash everywhere and we are running out of space to put our trash which means that much of it is ending up in our oceans and the fact that much of our trash in this day and age is plastic based means that we are putting our plastics in our oceans and it is killing off all of our marine life. In addition to putting plastic in our oceans, we are also killing billions and billions of fish every day in order to find fish for consumption within our catch. A fact that many people do not know is that when a net goes in to the sea to catch fish for human consumption, a good ninety percent of the catch is not made up of edible fish which means that all of those fish and sea life are considered bi kill and they die in vain. Therefore, the trash that we produce together with our bad habit of eating sea life when our bodies do not quite need it is causing us to destroy our oceans and our earth along with it.Changes that you can make in your own life

We need to change to make change. Many people look for cheap waste removal Sydney methods to get their trash out of their house and usually, their end goal is to get rid of the trash from their own homes without a care in the world for where the trash is going to end up. We think of our own homes and keeping them clean without paying attention to what the governments of the world are doing with the trash we produce.

You as a citizen of the world, need to focus on responsible waste removal such as recycling, up cycling and other methods of getting rid of the trash we produce without putting it in the oceans. Although many of us look at what is happening in the world and lament over it, the truth is, it is not someone else that is doing this to the world but us. We are the cause of all of this destruction and every one of us can make changes in our lives to stop this destruction and therefore, there is no point in looking at it sadly while we enjoy a plate or fish and chips that came in a plastic bag. We need to act by stopping the consumption our meat, fish and dairy and plastic.