What To Know About Screw Piles?

A solid and stable foundation is very important for a building. It is where the whole weight of the building rests on and the foundation is responsible of transferring that weight to the ground evenly. The type of foundation to be used depends on the soil type at the site and also the design of the building. In this article, we will be talking about screw piles which are a type of pile foundation.

Pile foundation is what you use in soil types that don’t have a very good bearing capacity. Screw piers Australia are widely used in this application. Screw piles are a type of pier that has a helix closer to the pile toe which allows it to be screwed into the ground. You can have more helixes based on the type of soil that is available at site. It doesn’t take a lot of time or equipment to install a screw pile foundation. It is actually more cost effective than the standard concrete foundation. This will help bring down the overall cost of the project. You can get by with just one machine for the installation of screw piles in the majority of instances. Screw piling is used for many applications such as telecommunications, road and civil engineering construction. There are many benefits to this method. As there aren’t a lot of machines involved with the installation, the process will take less time. It will also be a simpler and easier process. You are able to install them quickly and this is good for fast moving projects. You won’t need to remove the soil from the site either. This process has a lower carbon footprint and it can be used in close quarters with existing structures as well. It will not make a lot of disturbance and therefore, will not cause damage to the existing structures around it. The screw pile can be augured or screwed into the ground in a matter of minutes as mentioned above and you are able to monitor the level of support given by the pile throughout the process. This type of foundation can be used in almost any type of soil as they are able to transfer the weight of the building to the ground levels below. It will anchor the building securely. You can even remove the screw piles and it is a very easy process. They can be reused as well which bodes well for the environment. The same cannot be said of concrete foundations which can’t be modified once they are installed. But the screw piles can be reset as well which makes them a more flexible option.